Make a comfortable and robust wearable device.

Progress in running has seen unbeliveable breaktroughs over the last years with the introduction of sport trackers.



In running, having the best sensors embedded into our shoes still remains a real challenge. Strict mechanical constraints and limited space within the shoes require the best technologies to solve this complex engineering problem.

At FeetMe we are dedicated to build the most advanced and comfortable wearables for runners. Wearables that are robust, reliable, that enhance performance over long distance.

There are a few rules that we are committed to respect to provide you the best experience.

Quality of data


Andrey Mostovov CTO at FeetMe

Embedded electronics has evolved a lot over the last years. You can have more calculation power on smaller and more energy efficient devices. We can now embed in shoes the power of a small computer with long lasting batteries for use in hard conditions. Thanks to our unique pressure sensors technology, we can now measure forces directly inside the shoe in real condition and in real time. It opens new doors for evaluation of performance in sports.

FeetMe has gathered a team of talented engineers to create products that provide medical grade data and relevant feedback to the customer.

Prototyping and iterative design

Andrey Mostovov CTO at FeetMe

It is impossible to reach a perfect result from the first try. While designing our product, we went through several iterations, constantly making our design evolve towards what is the best for the customer. Each version of the prototype was carefully tested and the design changes were decided based both on the customer feedback and the data from the test equipment. Product on market will be the 20st version of the prototype

Delivering high end products requires close relationships with factories.


Choice of materials

Matteo Sorbelli Designer at FeetMe

Shoes are worn everyday in humidity and heat. We have made a choice of breathable fabrics to keep the footwear sane. It’s a real challenge to design a footwear containing so many electronic parts.

We are working hard with world class suppliers to select the best materials for our insoles.


About 40 models of different sport brands were selected to test the compatibility with our product. For each size we verified that the insole fits well inside the shoe.


Andrey Mostovov CTO at FeetMe

To challenge our product in real environment, we have set up a range of unique tests to make sure that our devices work properly in any running conditions. We spent a good proportion of our time making reliability and data robustness tests.

Testing is a key point in order to deliver a high quality wearable device.

A** prepared her marathon. She ran 9.6km with Tiemppo insoles.


Feel free to follow us and get the latest updates on product development.

Comfort Robustness Quality of data Performance
Verify you can wear for long durations Test over long periods Validate the quality of advices Verify the metrics allow runners to achieve better performances



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