What is ground contact time?

Ground contact time is pretty straightforward: it is the amount of time your feet are in contact with the ground at each stride.

The science between ground contact time

Ground contact time has been widely analysed by scientists. Here is a list of key facts:

  • Short ground contact times may contribute to the exceptional running economy of Kenyan runners (1)
  • Shorter ground contact time is correlated with increased running intensity (2)
  • Rearfoot strikers have a longer ground contact time (3)
  • Longer ground contact time are associated with lower VO2 values (3)
  • Short contact times is important for both economical running and high top running speed in distance runners (4)
  • A shorter contact time contributes to higher running economy (5)

How should I use it?

Decreased ground contact time is highly correlated with running economy and performance. A shorter ground contact time will help you run faster and longer.

Decreasing ground contact time can be achieved in any runner with specific exercices.


How can I measure it?

There are not many validated tools outside of running labs to measure the ground contact time. Labs use force plates or video analysis to measure your ground contact time. Pros have tools that can measure their ground contact time on 2 or 3 steps max.

However, there is no validated tool that can measure ground contact time during a complete run. Being the ultimate running wearable FeetMe Sport provides you best in class ground contact time measurements and helps you decrease your ground contact time.

Get FeetMe Sport, your personal running coach, and become a faster and more efficient runner.


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